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Interior Desgning

Just like you, your home too deserves only the best. Which is why, when you decide to give your home a makeover, our panel of experienced interior designers help you visualize and execute your vision. They help create a perfect blend of design aesthetics and practical necessities.

Interior & Exterior Painting

At matrix Interior Solutions, we provide a complete end to end safe and hygienic home painting service where our experts provide consultation about our products and services. They will help you in the execution of your site which is done by our painters and supervisors who are trained to provide only the best finish.

False Ceiling

False ceiling is basically a ceiling under the main roof which is suspended with the help of metal or wooden frame. False ceiling are mainly done to hide wires and give an aesthetic look to your house. The materials used to make false ceiling are: 1. POP 2. Gypsum Board 3. Plywood 4. PVC Sheets All these different materials have unique features and advantages.

Modular Kitchen

A modular kitchen is simply a modern and flexible way to design your kitchen, allowing you to choose a variety of cabinets for different functions which come in “modules.” The modules are available in different sizes which can suit various functions depending on which area of the kitchen you would choose to use.

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Wooden flooring is extremely durable and with the right kind of care, Apart from adding a rich and luxury look to your home. Our panel of experienced applicators help you visualize and execute your vision.

Wall Partitions

Whether you have an open floorplan or just want to create more private, cozy spaces in your home the right room divider can make all the difference.

Customised Furniture

Furniture often plays an essential role in not just decorating your home, but making it more functional. It is worth mentioning that your home and almost everything in it reflects your personality and style. And at times, it is not easy to determine what you need to give your house the functionality and look you need to make it your home truly.